Angling for bass can be a game of patience, and sometimes it erupts in an explosion of excitement. If you prefer the latter, then prepare your tackle boxes with the best.

Anglers from all different skill sets and parts of the world will tell you what is best. From largemouth to Smallmouth or what topwater works best early in the morning, to the size or color.

Most bass lures will work to some degree but look at our top ten best lures if you’re looking for the best.

What bass lure should I use and when? When selecting a bass lure, one may be overwhelmed by the variety. There will be hundreds of options, from a simple rubber worm or grub to the fanciest swim bait. But don’t be discouraged, as there is help narrowing down your bass lure choices.

We have included a top ten bass lure list to help you confidently and adequately fill your tackle box. Everything from rubber worms and swimbait to the best crankbaits and jigs. Bass fishing is ultimately about what is put in front of the fish and when so selecting your best lure at the best time is essential.

Use the Zoom Finesse Worm

Zoom Finesse Worm

Rare are the anglers that embark on a bass fishing trip without at least a few of these in their tackle box. The Zoom Finesse Worm is a simple go-to lure that all anglers can and should learn to use if they want to fish for bass. This salt impregnated lure is adequately realistic and can be rigged up in many ways. One of the best and most common would be the “Texas Rig,” which sets the worm up in a weedless fashion and has been proven time and time again to pull giant largemouth out of the weeds.

This loud popper will pry even the most stubborn largemouth out of heavily vegetated shores and weeded ponds. Using similar topwater lures next to this one will make it stand out more than it does on its own. Largemouth bass especially falls victim to this frog imposter as it hops from lily pad to lily pad. The reliability of this lure put it in the number two spot on our list of top ten bass lures.

This fantastic lure hit our list at number three for its ability to fill the place of multiple other lures simultaneously. Not many basses can resist this lure between the chattering noise it makes in the water and its flashy appearance. It is irresistible, but it’s highly effective when setting the hook. This skirted lure has a perfectly sized 5/0 hook to keep that bass on your line up to the boat.

Holding our fourth spot on our top ten list is a very cheap and effective lure. This lure is very inexpensive, but it also comes in dozens of sizes and colors, from black to blue, green, yellow, and white. The heads are interchangeable and come in almost any color you could imagine leaving your tackle box filled with nearly endless options. They mimic natural food for bass, but it is critical to find the color they are after.

This bait creates a real action in the water that most bass can’t ignore. This bait is specially formulated for pulling big bass out of thick brush and weeds. The coloring of this lure is also a big hit when angling for bass. These famous tube lures should be in every angler’s tackle box, costing only a few dollars each. Even the top anglers consider the Yum tube worm one of their best weapons against smallmouth.

This lure is exactly what it says, forcing strikes from bass in the heaviest cover. Also, with its tough weedless guard negotiating for bass in the tight cover is now more possible than ever. This bass lure came in at number six on our list due to its versatility, ruggedness, and ability to keep the fish on the hook where other baits and lures would surely fail.

This lure started it all as far as live-action lures go. This lure works well as a wounded baitfish on the surface, or it can be waited down with a split shot sinker to sit just below the water’s surface. More weight configurations can also be added to force the lure to swim lower and lower in the water to attract different bass in different conditions.

With its natural swimming, this lure will pull bass from anywhere in a lake or river—an excellent lure for during the warmer months like this. The lure does come equipped with a weighted bill forcing the lure into deeper water in search of bigger bass trying to avoid the heat of the summer—swimming like a real baitfish, the Frittside can trick any bass into striking before they have time to think.

This lure isn’t a one-trick pony as the Norman Lure comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They all have a shiny gel coating that produces plenty of bright flashes in the water to attract predatory fish like bass. This crankbait is very durable and can be used to catch many different types of bass, as one of them is a crayfish imposter.

This multi-jointed lure brings out the life-like swimming action of a baitfish. It swims very well with a moderate sinking rate and attracts aggressive, hungry fish. Not only does this lure stimulate a strike from bass, but it comes with an extra tail with every purchase just in case a largemouth happens to pull the back end off your lure.

When it comes to fishing lures we have you covered. There are hundreds to choose from and for the most part, they will all do the same thing. We recommend buying several kinds of fishing lures and figuring out which works for you. Having a great fishing rod will also be something to consider as well. If you do make a catch, make sure you have one of the best coolers to keep the bass fresh. If you have any questions about using the best bass fishing lures, please contact us.