When planning a day trip or an extended stay on your favorite river or lake, you must ask yourself, do you have the correct gear for the fishing trip?

The first thing you need to think about is the rod you plan to use. Is it the right size for the fish you are targeting? Do you want to attempt fly fishing this time, or should you stick with the traditional way of fishing?

Your preference for fishing will determine these things. If you already know all of this, you can begin to decide which rod is best. You are most likely here to find out which are the best bass fishing rods available and at what cost.  

The Best Bass Rods

While selecting the best bass fishing rod for yourself, consider the following. You want a rod that is six to twelve inches taller than yourself. You need to understand the type of bass you are after and the environment they live in. You also need to decide what kind of fishing you will try.

Traditional bass fishing requires approximately a seven-foot medium action pole with a medium to fast action tip. Fly fishing typically requires a medium action six to seven-weight rod to succeed.

St Croix Triumph Power

St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

This smooth wallet-friendly rod is an excellent setup for bass fishing. It meets all the typical requirements that most bass environments demand and will last long enough to catch many basses. This rod is rigid enough for the most giant smallmouth and sensitive enough for the smallest Georgia bass. Look no further than the St. Croix Triumph spinning rod if you’re looking for an excellent rod for bass fishing.

This one-piece fiberglass and graphite rod is the toughest on the market. They have been bulletproof in many scenarios, including hauling in monster Florida Bass that can weigh fifteen pounds with no problem. The Ugly stick is not only the most formidable rod on the market, but it’s handsomely made, lightweight, and will provide enough sensitivity to alert you of the slightest nibble.

The Pflueger President is one of the more well-known rods on the market today due to its versatility. Although not as tough as the Ugly Stik, it is a solid and durable rod. The Pflueger can handle the most giant bass with ease but can also be used as a gentle spinning reel combo to help navigate waters that may not be super accessible. This smooth and responsive rod can be paired with your favorite reels, even a lightweight reel, and will still operate effectively.

This beautiful and unique rod comes from Lew’s tournament fishing background and can keep up with the heavier-weight poles. This rod is known for its sensitivity, and its very lightweight build is not to be taken casually as it is very durable and can also handle the trophy largemouth despite its name. This rod is best known for being used with topwater baits and jerk baits.

When considering the Phenix Casting Rod, you won’t need to ponder much as you have just purchased one of the best bass rods. Phenix truly started from the ground up when constructing this rod, as it is one of the most lightweight and most substantial rods you can buy. This rod is not only rigid; it is built on the idea of having an incredibly sensitive rod as well.

With Micro guide technology inlaid into this pole, it will put you in an elevated position when on the lake due to this pole’s advanced sensitivity and line to guide build. This rod paired with a nice reel will have you angling with the best line guide system and provide elevated sensitivity. Duckett fishing has taken its own unique and effective stance on accuracy and sensitivity.

This budget fishing rod is worth its weight in salt due to its flexibility, cost point, and the fact that it is built to target small and largemouth bass. This rod promotes its high-end line management and formidable rod strength. This rod is designed to handle all different types of bait, from weightless worms to heavy swimbait for largemouth bass. This is an easy go-to rod from the novice fisherman to the seasoned pros.

This upper-end bass fishing rod can be combined with just about any casting reel that you would like. This rod is designed to support a heavy amount of crankbait fishing, so you have found a great rod if that’s what you are in the market for. Remember casting reel and rods are set up for heavily vegetated areas where obstacles are plentiful. This rod supports a slip grip handle and a five-star five-year warranty.

This fly rod is designed to deliver an effortless experience with a rod that produces a powerful yet smooth fishing experience. This nine-foot fly rod can be paired with your favorite reel and appropriate line, whether floating or sinking, to help you haul in your target bass. This rod is a four-piece set up with machined components and titanium oxide stripping guides, and alignment dots for easy and smooth setup.

This fly rod is an excellent balance between novice and pro, as this rod came in at our number ten bass fishing rod. This rod will excel at all fishing types, such as dry fly fishing or throwing crayfish patterns. If you are after bass fishing with a fly rod, don’t pass up the Echo Carbon because it is rated highly and at a cost point of under two hundred dollars.

There you have it. Our Top 10 Bass Fishing Rods for you to select from. We know how hard it can be to choose a rod that will work for you. In a lot of cases, you may end up buying more than one. This list should provide you with enough information that will make buying a bass fishing rod a lot easier. If you have any questions about the rods on this list or anything else you can contact us for more information or other reviews.