Yes, you need to select the best bass reel too. I know; it seems like a lot of gear to buy before your bass fishing trip can begin. Without a good reel, you will be left with a knotted and nested line, not to mention poor reeling ability, which may cause you to lose your catch altogether.

A smooth and appropriately sized reel is also crucial, so the angler can control the way his bait or lures are being manipulated.

Selecting the best reel for your rod and other gear can seem confusing but remember, it’s all very situational.

If you are using a bait casting rod, you will want a baitcasting reel, and the same is true for fly fishing and spinning reels, but how to know which one to use precisely. Examining your rod will have suggestions on line strength and thickness and a ratio to help you determine the lure weight you should be using. Reels have the same type of information, so pairing should be based on what lure you are casting and for what kind of fish.

Shimano Stradic Ci4 Review

Shimano Stradic Ci4 – Spinning Reel

Retaining all of Shimanos’ classic reel qualities, the Stradic Ci4 is made of a strong carbon frame, and their Magnumlite rotor joins the spool. This reel spins effortlessly and maintains all the previous model’s qualities but does it with a featherlight feel and firm grip. This reel also offers superior water resistance compared to similar models. This reel was an easy choice for our number one spot.

As one of freshwater fishing’s legendary reels, Pflueger has set the bar high again with this very pricey lightweight carbon and magnesium framed aluminum machined spool reel. This reel is designed only for freshwater fishing and is guaranteed to offer you the most premium fishing experience. If looking for a smooth bass fishing experience, look no further than the Pflueger Supreme XT with its eleven-bearing system.

This ten-bearing reel made by Pflueger remains near the top of our list due to its premium quality. Made from primarily carbon and aluminum, Pflueger has managed to make a very lightweight reel that still is as functional and as high of a quality as any other reel on the market. This model supports a sealed drag and has instant anti-reverse built right in. The ten-bearing system is constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings.

As our first baitcasting reel on our list, the Revo MG Xtreme comes in hot with a very lightweight setup at only 4.5 ounces. This reel has eight ball bearings and two additional ceramilite spool bearings. The main gear is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and can outperform the opposition. This reel would be paired great with a medium-weight rod and a calm river to get started on.

Built with the same characteristics as other high-end spinning reels, the Revo X reel is designed for comfort and control. This reel makes it easier to maneuver and your lure even with the more difficult fluorocarbon lines, but it can still handle braided and mono lines. This reel could have easily been higher on our list if it wasn’t for the high price point. This reel, accompanied by your favorite rod, will quickly fill your cooler with bass.

Known for its MagForce cast control, this one-piece framed reel mounts securely onto the rod, making you feel in control. The eight-bearing system offers a smooth casting experience that can’t be rivaled. This reel can easily be set on your favorite rod for a fantastic bass fishing experience. Its T-Wing level wind technology allows for unrestricted line flow that permits the most extreme casting and accuracy.

This reel made our list for its versatility and cost point. This reel will be a bit easier on the pocketbook. Still, you won’t suffer a great loss in quality with its propulsion line management system, super stopper anti-reverse system, and four-bearing rotation system. This reel also offers a generous amount of space on the spool for lots of lines. This reel paired with a simple Ugly Stik rod would make a beautiful match for catching big bass.


The Exceler reel was designed with quality, weight, and durability in mind at a handsome price point of only eighty dollars. Constructed from aluminum and carbon materials, this reel will perform right alongside the best. This reel will pull your lure back in smoothly and at just the right speed with a five-bearing system. This reel was designed to produce a quality fishing experience that only more expensive reels could provide before.

With minimal line memory and a V-shaped spool, the Behemoth still retains plenty of line capacity to not leave you low on line. This Redington reel also comes with an oversized drag knob and a large arbor to retrieve your line or fish faster. As the most robust carbon fiber drag in its class, this reel will not disappoint you on a long day on the river.

This reel came in at number ten not because of its quality or design but simply its price. This reel will cost you nearly three hundred dollars; however, it is unrivaled in its build and has a five-star review. Designed to stand the test of time, the Lamson Guru S is a remake of its predecessor, the Guru and now comes with a larger spool and lighter weight material.

These are our top 10 reels for bass fishing. There are plenty to choose from when doing your research so keep that in mind. These reels will get the job done. That is what is most important. Apply this to the proper rod and you’ll be all set. From this point on it will be all about adding better lures and bait. If you have a suggestion when it comes to the best bass reels please send us an email. We will look into it and potentially add it to our list.