Florida Bass

Best Place to Catch Florida Bass

The Florida Bass can be found at the top of the food chain in the warm southern waters of Florida. This species is found naturally only in Florida but has survived as far north as Oklahoma. The biggest of the Black Bass species, it can weigh in at a whopping twenty pounds. The façade is the same as other largemouth but will grow much faster and to a much larger size due to a rich and warm environment.

Profile – (Micropterus Salmoides Floridanus)

What is a Florida Bass?

It’s easy to find yourself asking the question of what a Florida Bass is exactly, and the answer is quite simple. It’s a large Mouth bass with the genetics and environment to become a much larger fish. So, in general, it’s a large, Large Mouth Bass! That’s right, the Florida Bass is a subspecies of the Black Bass as to be expected. In short, there aren’t too many other differences between a normal Largemouth Bass and the Florida Bass.

Florida Bass Diet

As this species can grow much faster and become much larger than the standard Northern Large Mouth Bass its diet is slightly altered as well. This species has been known to eat anything from insects and larvae in their youth to crayfish, muscles, snails, tadpoles, frogs, small fish, salamanders, and even mice and small turtles.


As with the northern largemouth species this largemouth will spawn in beds near sandy shores in the early springtime. Starting in about February the Florida Bass will begin its mating journey and replicate its cousins up north by making a nice sandy bed and inviting the females in to lay their eggs so they may be fertilized and raised into small fry.

Where do you find Florida Bass?

The Florida bass is Native only to central and southern Florida but has had the opportunity to try new water as far north as Oklahoma and as far west as California. These giants much prefer the warmer nutrient-rich waters of their homeland in the southern half of Florida.


As with other species of the Black Bass species, you can eat the Florida Bass as well as the others. Be careful of your consumption rate as you don’t want the mercury levels in your body to climb to a dangerous level. Checking the State advisories on mercury levels will help determine your catch limit as well.

Angling for the Florida Bass

February through may is best especially if you catch yourself in the middle of a warming trend. This will promote the spawn and will send your on-hook numbers skyward. While in search of these monsters the best and most well-known big bass areas are calm waters that have a mixture of vegetation. The Florida Large Mouth will be among the largest bass you will catch. Just a few days on the water with someone who knows the area will have you breaking records.


There are many baits out there that will help you pull in the bass. If you’re looking for the best keep these in mind while fishing for Florida Bass.

  • Moving Baits

Using moving baits does one thing very well and that’s triggering the hunt. Bass can’t help themselves when they see prey or what looks like prey. Top swimming baits to use are the Super Spook about five inches long and crankbait which is mostly gold or red. Blue and black swimbaits are among the best as well. Also, consider the Zoom Super Fluke or Houdini Super Fluke as well.

 Rod and Reel choices

Selecting the correct rod is important while angling for the Black Bass’s largest family member. A nice heavy to a medium backboned rod with a 3000 series reel will work great. Now, remember this largemouth can weigh in at up to twenty pounds so keep your test strength at a nice high number as well. 

What Anglers look for

While in Florida you may be looking for other things such as alligators or what just rustled in the long grass behind you. There are plenty of large aquatic predators lurking in this state. However, if you don’t keep your eye on the prize a perfect fishing spot might pass you by. Keep your eyes peeled for areas of mixed vegetation as these areas are the Florida Bass’s favorite. The water can be rather green and won’t give you the best clarity out there. If it’s your first trip down south be sure to bring a guide with you, so you don’t get lost casting away and missing out on some big Florida Bass.

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