Zoom Finesse Worm


Bass Fishing with the Zoom Finesse Worm.


Product description

When your favorite swim and jerk baits aren’t getting you bites anymore, and you put your top water away hours ago, you may find yourself reaching for something a little more reliable.

The Zoom Finesse worm is a great place to start. Its reliable salt impregnated, soft body is diverse in setup and drives even the most stubborn bass crazy. You can rig this lure in its classic wacky rig, which causes the lure to dance, or a simple weedless Texas rig or others are effective too.

The reviews on this lure are outstanding, driving the five-star rating higher and higher, with anglers stating that they have found their favorite lure, or this is the best worm they ever used, and this is the hottest lure I have in my tackle box.

Pairing this lure with some light fluorocarbon line on the St. Croix Triumph rod with a good quality spinning reel will make an excellent setup for catching some monster bass. This lure can also be designed in unlimited colors, from their Candy Bug color to Red Bug Shad and, of course, the more common pumpkin and green colors.

Whether in the deep south looking for the Georgia bass or up north looking for some cold-water smallmouth, you will be happy to have this reliable and diverse wacky worm at your side.